Online Specifications

  • Limits include race play, age play, permanent harm, blood fetish, and beastiality.

  • Dick rates can include just a rating, a text description, a voice memo description, or a video description. The rating can be honest or humiliating.

  • Games can include various RT style games, drain games, spin the wheel, rolling dice, line writing challenges, tasks, etc.

  • If something you're interested in is not listed, and not stated as a limit, feel free to inquire.


As a Goddess of financial and female domination, I offer a wide range of sessions that explore the depths of power exchange and control. Whether you seek to serve Me online or in person, I promise to take you on a journey that will leave you both exhilarated and fulfilled.

My sessions are designed for those who crave the thrill of submission and the ecstasy of being under the control of a powerful Goddess. Through my guidance, you will explore the many facets of BDSM and kink, and discover new ways to serve and please Me.

To engage in any of My sessions, whether it is online or in person, it is essential that you show your commitment and seriousness towards serving Me as your Goddess. It is not only a form of financial domination, but it also shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to please Me and experience the thrill of submission under My control. I assure you that this demonstration of loyalty will lead to a more satisfying and fulfilling experience for both of us. So, if you are ready to explore the depths of BDSM and kink under the guidance of a powerful Goddess, then tribute is the first step towards making your desires a reality.

To inquire about any type of session, contact Goddess Emma to discuss.



Video Response

Text Response


Dick Rates


Video Calls

Phone Calls


Worship - Foot, Armpit, Body, Ass, Fart

Humiliation and Degradation


Hypnosis, Mindfuck, and Gooning



Small Penis Humiliation

JOI, CEI, Orgasm Control, and Chastity

Pet Play

Forced Intoxication



Tasks and Training

In Person Specifications

  • A minimum $200 deposit will be required at least 24 hours in advanced if meeting in local area.

  • Full deposit for cashmeet and travel expenses will be required if Goddess is traveling.

  • Kinks that Goddess will engage in during in person sessions will depend on the submissive and will affect the cost of the session.

  • A photo of your ID along with a selfie of you holding your ID will be required before meeting.

  • Meeting in a public location will be required before any private session may happen.

In Person


In Person Sessions


Shopping Trips


$500 minimum

ID and Photo Verification

Meet in Public Location


Based in NYC

Travels Frequently to NC, SC, TX, VA

Will travel in US and abroad

Stay informed about Goddess Emma's upcoming in-person sessions availability by regularly checking My calendar, which I update as soon as travel plans are confirmed. This way, you can always be sure to catch Me when I am in your area and experience the ultimate in-person worship and submission.